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Although the UK Immigration law has to make changes in some of the visa application rules, some irked at the changes but this is all for the best. In this article, you will find the newest student visa rules criteria. This has become effective since 3rd March 2010. In the meantime, the rules are in place and may have other changes later this year and the subsequent years. Therefore, careful assessment of the rules is essential and the UK Border Agency advises to watch out for the new rules imposed to avoid confusions. These changes will affect both the applicants and the educational institutions provider. If you already applied before the date then you are set, but new rules apply for new applicants after the 3rd of March.

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The newest UK immigration law students visa states that such a category goes to the immigration system which is still points based visa applications for a student, adult or child, are now made under the Tier 4 category. There are new additional notes and forms to fill in the Tier 4 student visa application. These new rules took effect last 22nd of February and there are now new forms. Aside from the usual biometric data and photo requirements there will be newer and stricter rules and it should be accomplished in the visa application. You can check out the latest photo requirements by logging on to the UK Border Agency website. If you have other concerns about the new ruling of the application you might consider discussing this with your UK Solicitors to help you with all your concerns and let the experts handle it.

After you have submitted your application form for a student visa, the Confirmation of Acceptance must be included to support the application by the institution that provides the education. Earlier applicants will only need a visa letter along with the application, but it will not be allowed today. You must have a Confirmation of Acceptance with the visa application otherwise, the application will be refused. The applicant must enquire how to obtain the Confirmation of Acceptance to the educational institution where they will be studying. The confirmation of acceptance should have a reference number therefore; the education institution confirms that the applicant has a go signal for student visa application.

The UK Border Agency also insists that a student visa applicant must earn enough scores to pass the English language skills test. The student visa applicant must undergo a course in the Common European Framework Reference for Languages or CEFR for English language. The student visa holders are entitled to work on holidays full time. The new rules however state that students below seventeen may not be allowed to work for a maximum of ten hours a week if the student has an education lower than a degree qualification. The new ruling also confirms that the student visa holder will not be allowed to bring their families if the course lasts within six months. Those who study below a degree level may be permitted to enter UK if they qualify according to the requirements sanctioned by the UK immigration.



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